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Common Laundromat Rules

Laundromat Rules

If you do not have a washer and/or dryer in your home, a laundromat may very well be part of your reality. Laundromats may feature dozens of washers of various sizes, along with dryers. Many people who use laundromats may not be familiar with the typical “do’s and don’ts” of using laundromats.  To ensure that the largest number of customers will have a chance to use the washers and dryers, and the machines will remain in good working condition, most laundromats post the following rules:

  1. No Rubber or Nylon in Dryers • Laundromat dryers can reach temperatures high enough to melt materials like rubber or nylon. In a home dryer, if a piece of clothing happens to melt or overheat, the homeowner may suffer only inconvenience until repairs are made. By contrast, if a laundromat dryer is disabled, the owner stands to lose money–and customers. Customers who have to wait to dry their clothes because one of the machines is out of order may go elsewhere to do their laundry. And of course, if a customer leaves her clothes in a washer while she waits for a dryer to become available, the laundromat will lose the revenue it could be earning from the idle washer.
  2. Do Not Overload the Machines • You visit the laundromat when most of your clothes need washing. This does not mean, however, that you should stuff as many clothes into a washer or dryer as you can. For proper cleaning, clothes in a washing machine need room to circulate. In extreme cases, overloading a washer could result in damage to the machine. If there are too many clothes in a dryer, hot air will not be able to reach every piece of clothing. Drying time will be extended.
  3. Stay with Your Clothes • While it’s tempting to run other errands during the washer’s half-hour cycle or the dryer’s longer cycle, if you want to hang onto your clothes or avoid others handling your clothes, you should stay near them. Bring a book, a journal, a crossword puzzle or anything else which will hold your attention for a couple of hours. In the situation where you must leave your laundry, put your basket on top of the washer or dryer you’re using. This way if someone removes your clothes, they will probably place them inside the basket instead of someplace unsanitary.

We hope the above rules help us provide a great place for everyone to do their laundry!


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